Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Low Carb Diet is Not the Answer!

Your body needs carbohydrates! In fact 50-65% of your total calories for the day should contain carbohydrate.
Carbohydrates provide glucose for the energy levels of red blood cells and parts of the brain and nervous system. Eating too little carbohydrates forces the body to make glucose using primary amino acids from proteins found in muscles and other vital organs. Nevertheless, depleting the amino acids in cells that are needed for other critical functions such as building and maintaining muscle. In addition to the loss of protein, when you do not eat enough carbohydrates fats cannot be broken down completely in metabolism.
This does not mean go the coffee shop and get a blueberry muffin, scone or chocolate chip cookie. These are simple carbohydrates, full of white flour and 'empty' calories. Stay away from white flour. It causes a sudden rise and fall in your blood glucose levels, therefore, you are hungry again in a short amount of time. Choose carbs in their natural plant form. Consider brown (preferred) or white rice, fresh fruit, rolled oats, high fiber cereal, and sweet potatoes. These complex carbs are slowly digested, therefore, blood glucose levels are being regulated and maintained within a healthy range. When shopping for bread be sure to read the label! Always opt for the the whole wheat option and purchase the loaf with highest amount of fiber per slice containing whole wheat flour as the first ingredient.
Aim for carbohydrates that are natural, pure, minimally processed and full of fiber!


dipech said...

Wow, this sounds counter to Wendy Chant's Crack the Fat Code...Her thesis is that when you cut way back on carbs, you teach your body to go to fat for energy...Is she mistaken?? Lots of people say they're losing lots of weight on her program and keeping it off from what I see on her online forums, etc.

I'm very interested in hearing your response!

dipech said...
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