Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grapes...Good things DO come in small packages!!

If you are craving something sweet, a handful of grapes just may do the trick, and a little bit more. California grapes of all colors-green, red and blue-black-are packed with phytonutrients that are beneficial for good health. Phytonutrients are compounds found in plants that enhance health and protect against chronic disease. Grapes contain a unique combination of antioxidant phytonutrients, including resveratrol, which is found in the skin of all grapes and a variety of flavonoids. Grapes are also a good source of vitamin C and they contain potassium, which has been shown to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
Grapes are a portable,convenient snack and rank with apples and bananas as the top three most frequently purchased fruits. A 3/4 cup serving of grapes contains only 86 calories, so eat up!!
Some quick tips on increasing your consumption of grapes include adding grapes and Mandarin oranges to salad greens or spinach leaves for sweet flavor, packing grapes in plastic containers for a healthy on-the-go snack or make a breakfast smoothie by blending grapes, bananas, orange juice, soymilk and ice cubes...Delicious!
Check out www.tablegrape.com for more information on this fabulous little fruit!

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