Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boost Your Brain Function!

Increase your brain power!! Eat foods that are high in choline. Choline helps protect your cells from oxidative damage. Choline is involved in the production of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine must be present in the body for proper function of the nervous system, including mood, behavior, orientation, personality traits, and judgment.

Also, when your pregnant, it's especially important to provide your baby with not only folic acid but choline, also helps prevent neural-tube defects and helps prevent cleft palates.

High levels of choline in adults not only helps brain functioning, but also may help reduce homocysteine, which will help reduce inflammation and reduce heart disease risk.

Get your choline from foods rather than supplements. Excess choline that can result from over supplementation can cause a "fishy" body odor, definitely don't want that! Dietary Sources of Choline: Found in all animal and plant products. Choose organic and local produce whenever possible.

1.) Eggs(Choose organic, omega-3 eggs; have 2 to 4 yolks per week, aim for 1 yolk per meal, have the rest of your protein from egg whites).
2.) Beef (In moderation, choose lean cuts of beef, ground sirloin, or round-aim for max. 1 time per week).
3.) Salmon (Choose wild-alaskan).
4.) Wheat Germ (Organic, raw)
5.) Broccoli (organic raw or frozen)
6.) Cabbage
7.) Cauliflower
8.) Garbanzo Beans
9.) Green Beans
10.) Lentils
11.) Rice (Choose Brown or Wild Rice)
12.) Soybeans
13.) Split Peas

Men aim for at least 550 milligrams of choline per day and women, have at least 425 milligrams a day, according to the National Academy of Sciences.

A single egg contains about 130 milligrams, 3 ounces of beef contains approximately 70 milligrams, a cup of steamed broccoli contains approximately 60 milligrams. A glass of milk contains about 40 milligrams.

Enjoy LIVITING! Your Livitician,

Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD

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