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Tips to Help Save Your Life!!!

Liviticianisms™ from Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD: To Help Save Your Life! (quotes from Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD, Author of "200 Superfoods That Will Save Your Life"-available on Amazon:

1.) “Keep sippin’ throughout the day to ensure you are meeting your water needs.”
2.) “The best way to tell whether you’re hydrated or not is to look at your urine, aim for pale yellow or clear like water.”
3.) “Overthrow the king, food is not your master, do not bow down to it, you are in charge of what goes on your throne.”
4.) “1 indulgence a day is part of the Livit™ plan.”
5.) “Food does not have a heart, mind or a soul.”
6.) “Think before you eat; are you physically hungry or emotionally hungry?”
7.) “Nourish your emotions with action rather than a knife and a fork.”
8.) “Have a meal free from TV, Books, and Papers.”
9.) “Keep your surroundings clean, one of the elements of health is a clean environment.”
10.) “Have plants around you, in your home at work, they add oxygen (life) into your life.”
11.) “Laugh daily, laughter increases your immune system, works your abs, and lightens things up.”
12.) “If something is bothering you, stressing you out, take care of it, ASAP, get the stress toxins out of you, by dealing with what it is, or with a massage, a cup of tea, or deep breaths.”
13.) “Eat mindfully.”
14.) “Respect Your Body-Rather Than Treat it Like a Dump.”
15.) “After you eat, DISTRACT, DISTRACT, And DISTRACT.”
16.) “The key to change is being receptive, even the slightest bit will do.”
17.) “Your health is in your hands.”
18.) “I don’t need another cookie, just dance, dance, and dance instead.”
19.) “Make time to MOVE, rather than think of needing to exercise, just think of moving.”

* Exercising 7 ½ minutes a week fights Diabetes. Spurts of high-intensity exercise can significantly improve factors such as insulin resistance and glucose tolerance linked to type 2 Diabetes risk. Research results showed 4 to 6 (30 second) sprints on a stationary bicycle every-other-day, can enhance insulin’s ability to clear glucose from the bloodstream after eating. (BMC Endocrine Disorders, Jan. 28 2009). For more calorie burning, 30 to 45 minutes, 5 to 6 times per week is more effective for weight loss.

20.) “Move away from the table and MOVE.”
21.) “Gimme 5 for better health, have at least 2 fruits per day and 3 servings of vegetables per day: fruit at snacks and veggies with lunch and dinner.”
22.) “3’s a charm, follow the 3 rule for low fat and 3 grams of fiber minimum per snack or slice of bread.”
23.) “Fiber gives you more for your chew.”
24.) “High 5 for fiber.” (Have at least 5 grams of fiber per serving for meals, look at the dietary fiber per serving on labels).
25.) “If you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated.”
26.) “Keep healthy foods healthy.”
27.) “Shine after- it’s best to add oils after cooking for flavoring to prevent eating rancid oil.”
28.) “No puddles, just shine on the pan, when stir-frying, put a little bit of high heat oil, e.g., safflower oil, sesame oil or soybean oil, and use a paper towel to wipe off the excess.”
29.) “Put things in your life that makes life worth living.”
30.) “Have exercise be the same level of urgency as the need to urinate.”
31.) “Lift the fog, be present when you eat.”
32.) “Food is not your master, focus on other passions besides food. Food went on the throne when you lost sight of your other passions.”
33.) “The stomach is roughly 5% of your body; that is how much time our mind needs to think about food.”
34.) “Instead of going to the refrigerator when you are not hungry, move, laugh, sing, call a friend, read a book, have some tea, get your mind focused on something else.”
35.) “Put laughter into your day, 20 seconds of belly laughter is equivalent to a 2 minute abdominal workout.”
36.) “Think positive self talk, keep giving yourself positive words, people/things you are thankful for and keep laughing.”
37.) “Lighten up, keep things in perspective, relax, and move on.”
38.) “When you are stressed, take 3 deep breaths through the nose (filtered breathing), look outside, take a look at the sky, smell some flowers, enjoy a sunset, or just think of the ocean, see the waves.”
39.) “Talk to your kids or kids in your family, they keep you appreciating the little things in life.”
40.) “It doesn’t come out of the cow orange; choose white cheese rather than orange cheese.”
41.) “Follow the Deborah’s shine test when you are at buffets, selecting ready to eat foods- the shinier it is, the higher fat it is.”
42.) “If the food puts shine on your fingers, it will put shiny grease in your body.”
43.) “Eat within 1 ½ hours after waking and every 3 to 4 hours to prevent getting “over hungry” and to get your body into the burning mode.”
44.) “Need fuel to burn fuel, eat before you exercise.”
45.) “Part of the definition of eating is enjoying (never have to force food).”
46.) “Enjoy your dessert without guilt; it’s part of the plan-it’s all about balance.”
47.) “No one ever regrets going to the gym, it’s getting there that people have a hard time with- be in robot mode, rather than thinking about exercising, just do it, don’t let yourself think about it, move on auto pilot.”
48.) “Schedule a health appointment in your calendar, that’s your time to exercise; you have an appointment, you need to be there, it’s like a meeting with the President, you can’t cancel that.”
49.) “Low-fat cheese is fine as your protein source for a snack, but for a meal, cheese is not enough, have beans or fish present.”
50.) “Be on auto pilot, robot mode, when it comes to exercise, just do it, you do not have the prerogative to not exercise, you were given muscles for a reason, use them. Think of the urgency of exercise the same way as needing to go to the bathroom, you can’t say sorry bladder, I need to do this email, I need to make a call, your bladder won’t let you say no, the same with your muscles, they do not want you to ignore them, they want you to use them so they can express themselves, show their strength.”
51.) “Always have a pair of sneakers with you in your car or at the office, walk outside around the office, have moving meetings (talk on walk), go up and down some stairs.”
52.) “Your body was given to you on loan, be respectful of what was provided to you and responsible for your health, treat your body like your best friend.”
53.) “Respect your body; don’t treat it like a dump!”
54.) “Beans are the healthiest food on earth, high in fiber, protein and antioxidants, just rinse the cooked beans well before eating to prevent flatulence.”
55.) “This diet is such a success for me; I just have to go back on it-that is not success.”
56.) “Follow A Livit™, that is success- since you can stick to it for life.”
57.) “Little steps that you do make a huge difference.”
58.) “Each little thing you do differently can drastically change your body.”
59.) “Live a life of self-respect, honesty, and being real with your emotions.”
60.) “E-motion=energy in motion, every time you want more food when you are not hungry, before you eat, feel and analyze the reality of your emotion.”
61.) “Emotion is the state of motion, the more you move; the better you feel!”
62.) “Focus on the road rather than your blackberry when driving or walking!”
63.) “Eat a variety of foods; each food is its own state, we need the whole world to get all our vitamin and mineral needs met.”
64.) “Go to sleep before midnight, an hour of sleep before midnight is like 2 hours of sleep after midnight, you get much better sleep before midnight, based on our circadian sleep rhythm.”
65.) “Aim for 7 hours of sleep a night, a key to keep you lean, hormonally will hook you up to feel more satisfied throughout the day!”
66.) “Follow a version of the most effective study method, the Cambridge study method (30-10-2; 30 minutes of study, 10 minute break, and 2 minute review of what you studied in that previous 30 minutes). After working an hour, take a moving break, move for a couple minutes (e.g., march in place, do some jumping jacks, go up and down some stairs, walk around the block or your office building).” “When you return to your desk you will be not only burn more calories you will be much more productive, more ideas will come into your head stepping away and you’ll get a clearer perspective on your task at hand.”
67.) “Diet words: Can’t, don’t, won’t, never, deprived, starved, out of control, counting, bad foods, restrict, disrespect hunger cues, save points.”
68.) “Livit™ words: Can, yes, balanced, do, feel, think, listen, high fiber, satisfied, prioritize, move, enjoy, self-care, self-respect, health is in your hands.”
69.) “When you want to eat a food, it is healthier to eat it, then not to, even if it’s higher in fat, if you have it when you want it, it will help prevent you to overload on it later.”
70.) “Forget about what your chronological age is, what’s important is how you feel and act.”

Enjoy Liviting™! Enable your vision to become a reality. Live a life of fulfillment and passion!

Health, happiness and success to you,

Your Livitician™ Coach:
Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD,
Please contact me if you have any questions; I am cheering you on to attain optimal health and live younger longer!

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