Monday, August 27, 2007

To be in charge of whether the food goes in or not.

Be TRUE and PRESENT. It's all about self-respect. We don't own our body, our body is on loan, when we die, we don't take our body with us, our soul goes with us but not our body. SO, let's focus on nourishing our soul, taking care of our soul, cause that's what lasts. My advice to those who are having a rough time, putting down the fork when your tummy is full and your cells have had enough: think before you go for another bite of food, what is it that you are truly feeling, why are you wanting that other piece of chocolate, why do you want that pint of ice cream? Are you tired, wanting some lovin', feeling deprived... When your answer to am I hungry is no, try something different, step away from the table, and start dancing, I know it sounds silly, but sing a song out loud or to yourself and start moving, "I don't need that cookie, I don't need that cookie, just dance, dance, dance, instead." It really works. Just moving gets us awake, and strengthens us to focus on other things besides food to nourish ourselves, dancing is an expression of our soul, have fun expressing.

Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD

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