Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Watch out for food label deception!

Buyers beware when you go grocery shopping! One of my chapters in my book is deciphering dietary deception. I just finished the research by looking at all the food labels on the market at Ralph's, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. The most deception was available at Ralph's since it's a general supermarket. The most product deceit was in the bread, cereal and yogurt aisle. Just because a bread says it is 7 grain or multi-grain or whole wheat, still look at the grams of dietary fiber and the ingredients. To be the master of grocery shopping, make sure your bread has 3 grams of dietary fiber per slice and the ingredient list does not have artificial colors and hydrogenated oils and enriched flour nor flax seed. Yes, flax seed does you no good when it's whole flax seeds, it goes right through you, and you get no benefit. Select organic, milled or ground flax seeds in a package at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's that you'll keep in your freezer, in the sealed, transparent package and add a Tablespoon or 2 to your cereal or yogurt to get the most omega-3 benefits. Also, please keep flaxseed oil on the shelf, research is showing that the oil may increase risk for cancer. Fish oil capsules are the best for supplementation.

More details in grocery shopping mastery will be available this Fall when my book comes out.

Enjoy Liviting,

Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD

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