Thursday, August 30, 2007

Leave the microwave alone!

One of my patients today told me he was microwaving everything he eats, he actually owns 2 microwaves, since he keeps kosher, he has one for his meat meals and one for dairy meals. He was shocked about the research that I told him about relating to microwaving and plastic containers. After our discussion, he is making the switch to toaster ovens.

Microwaving denatures protein, it actually changes the chemical structure of protein. Protein is in all foods except for fruit, and when would you ever microwave fruit, yuck. So, all his foods that he was eating was chemically altered, not conducive to health. Eating microwaved foods may be carcinogenic due to this alteration. Some research is even showing that microwaving water is no good, there was a study done on plants, all other conditions were the same except for the water they were given. The one that received microwaved water, was dead after a couple days, where as the filtered watered plant was thriving beautifully. Basically, microwaving water takes the life out of the water, makes the water dead. Sounds strange, but think about it, what happens during the microwaving process, bombardment of the food/liquid cells, it's like a food boxing match.

Also, try to buy more glass or aluminum or pyrex to store your leftovers in, since the plastic even at room temperature may leach dioxins, which are carcinogenic, I'm sure you heard about the water bottle news, to keep your water in glass bottles instead. I bought a bottle of Voss water and Oxygenizer water at Whole Foods, since they're in glass bottles, and I just keep refilling my water in the glass bottles.

So, instead of heating up your food for 30 seconds, you'll take 5 and have time to make a phone call or check emails while your food is heating up in the toaster oven at ~400 degrees covered with foil, maintaining the food integrity.

Your Livitician, Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD


Cari said...

Hi Deb, Interesting post! I guess it is good that I don't own a microwave! A friend of mine actually mentioned something about this subject last night. Is it true that consuming food that has been microwaved in plastic containers also effects hormone levels in women?

TALAR said...

Deb, this was very informative. I think I may buy glass water bottle from now on. As far as microwaves go...I think it's best only for popcorns. Yum!!