Monday, August 27, 2007

What is the key to keep a person inspired?

I truly want to help each patient who walks into my door. But, the most frustrating part of my job is I can't help a person who isn't ready to make changes and stay focused on maintaining a healthy way of life for life. What is it, that will keep a person inspired each day to have the mindset to choose life over another mouth full?

I was just at the gym today and saw a patient of mine who was working out, awesome job, but she still hasn't reached her healthy weight, because her emotions are getting in the way of her "control" over her food. She told me she eats and eats when she is angry, lonely, and depressed. How can I help her realize that the food does not have control over her life? The food doesn't have a mind or a heart or a soul. I want to help all of you out there who feel like the food is on the throne and you want to bow down to it, and obey it by eating it no matter what your tummy is telling you. Please let me know how you are feeling out there when it comes to eating when you are not hungry?

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Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD
Your Livitician


Diana said...

Dear Deborah! Thank you for your encouragement and great advice on how to eat for life rather than eating to compensate for what we're not getting out of living.

You're an inspiration.

Diana (Carmichael, CA)

The Livitician said...

Thank you. I'm here for you.